Adventures of a New Writer

12. Finishing the First Draft

When I got back from New Orleans, I got back to work on my first draft, trying to fit in time whenever I could. Because of how detailed my outline was, I always chose to work through finishing scenes vs word count goals. Finishing a scene was always a natural stopping place for me. It’s always so hard starting with the very first scene, but watching the progress go by and getting to the half way point, knowing I wasn’t in the early scenes anymore, really helped to keep me motivated.

With slow and steady progress, six months later, I finished my first draft. My eyes were watering as I wrote the words “the end.” I couldn’t believe I did it. After slow and steady progress over two years, I finished my first draft! I took a picture, shed a tear and ran out of my office to give my husband a high five and a hug.

If nothing else happened, I knew I finished a complete (110K word) manuscript. I was so proud of myself. I didn’t give up, I kept pursuing and finding the time, even when things didn’t always go to plan and I got it done. Phew! I had discovered in my writing research, that the first draft is really only the beginning…so let the adventure continue!

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