Adventures of a New Writer

I have always enjoyed Chick lit and Rom Com novels. Curling up with them makes me happy and helps my anxiety go down. I take pleasure in the love stories and getting a good chuckle now and then…or sometimes a girly squeal when the couple does something swoon worthy! I knew when I started writing my own novel that this would be the genre I would work in.

I needed to immerse myself in the Romance world. First up, I started doing A LOT more reading. I was on a quest to find fabulous new stories. I started using Goodreads for recommendations and suggestions. I discovered more New Adult, LGBTQ, Historical, Contemporary, Regency and Erotic romances. And best of all, The Ripped Bodice, the only brick and mortar romance book store in the United States is located in Los Angeles! How lucky am I?! They are a wealth of knowledge and suggestions to discover wonderful, new books, pushing me past what I would have chosen on my own. Check out this great article about them:

I also discovered, an amazing site/app turning romance novels into movies. I want to work there one day! I couldn’t believe all these wonderful companies were coming into the universe as I was starting to truly understand the genre. And not only appreciate the genre, but learn to be proud of a genre that is largely responsible for supporting the book world as a whole.

Here are some contemporary authors that have really inspired me:

  • Mariana Zapata
  • Elle Kennedy
  • Sally Thorne
  • Kristen Ashley
  • Helen Hoang
  • Lisa Kleypas

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